10 Amazing English Words & Phrases To Describe Intelligence | Enhance Your English Vocabulary

  1. Ivory Tower:A state of loneliness that gives smart people an opportunity to think about important successful ideas.


    1. I am alright. I just need to be in my ivory tower to make a final decision.
    2. Artists like to sit in their ivory tower before making beautiful art.

    Know your onions:

    To have a thorough knowledge about something.


    1. Before commenting on someone  casually, know your onions!
    2. Jack passed the advanced level test in physics. It just goes to show how clearly he knows his onions.

    A no-brainer:

    Aquery or puzzle that hardly requires any mental effort to solve.

    1. Dont spend too much time on the first ten questions. They are the easiest and a no-brainer.
    2. It’s a no-brainer to understand what is going to happen in the next episode of Big Boss.

    Exceedingly well read:

    A literate and educated person

    1. Watch Mr. President’s interviews! He is extremely well-read.
    2. She is not interested in looks but a man who is extremely well read.

    Fools rush in where angel fear to tread:

    Those with less intelligence attempt to do something that wiser people have forbidden to do.

    1. Room number 201 is haunted. It’s one of those places where only fools rush where even angels fear to tread.

    It’s no brain surgery

    A easy an uncomplicated task

    1. Making two minute noodles is a no brain surgery.
    2. Booking an Uber will take you just a few seconds. It’s no brain Surgery.

    Young Turk

    Someone who is excited to bring positive changes with new ideas.

    1. The new manager has a lot of interesting ideas to implement.
    2. Everybody calls him the young turf of the company!

    To smell a rat

    Be able to sense a problem in an otherwise stable condition.

    1. I hope you havet lost anything. Your expressions don’t suggest it though. Why do I smell a rat?
    2. Don’t be sceptical. Everything is fine now!
    3. Dont smell a rat in every little situation.

    Know the ropes

    Have experience of the appropriate procedures.

    1. Henry knows the ropes of the ethane experiment very well He has done it several times.
    2. Drill down To be able to examine something in depth
    3. You must visit Dr. Sharma. He’ll be able to drill down the exact ailment.
    4. Scientists were able to drill down the exact cause of the failed experiment.

    Cut to the chase

    1. Be able to come to the point (inf)
    2. Please don’t beat around the bush, be cut to the chase!