10 Beautiful English Words People Love To Hear More Often! Words That Bring Smile


  1. Holiday
  2. Free
  3. Sale
  4. Beautiful
  5. Cake
  6. Pizza
  7. Cheese
  8. Travel



  1. I love this color on you.
  2. What a lovely selfie!
  3. Thanks for the lovely gift.
  4. I love to spend time with you.




  1. If you ask me Turkey was gorgeous.
  2. Look! Today the sky is so gorgeous.
  3. Hey gorgeous! What’s up?
  4. Your house is gorgeous.




  1. Today the lunch was delicious.
  2. Hey! How about we make some delicious kebas?
  3. Your father makes delicious cakes.
  4. Thanks for the delicious meal!




  1. You are very precious to me.
  2. School memories are precious to me.
  3. This is such a precious gift, I’ll save it for life.




  1. Your timing is perfect!
  2. She is perfect for him.
  3. This blazer suits you perfectly.
  4. The weather is perfect for a long drive.




  1. Take a break and relax.
  2. Why don’t you relax? I’ll cook tonight.
  3. The holiday was so relaxing.
  4. Your kind words made me relaxed.




  1. You have a gifted voice.
  2. I enjoy being around gifted people.
  3. Although he’s gifted, but works very hard.




  1. I am delighted to finally meet you.
  2. It was such a delight to see you after two years.
  3. I am delighted by this kind gesture.




  1. You motivate me to keep working hard.
  2. Your words always motivate me.
  3. Your instagram posts motivate me.




  1. I am planning a surprise for Anna.
  2. She wants to throw a surprise party for him.
  3. I have a surprise for you.