Know about me

Know about me


My Learning resources:


  1. Stop Umm.. Uh…| English Filler Phrases To Avoid Awkward Silence In Conversation | English With Meera 
  2.  10 Beautiful English Words People Love To Hear More Often! Words That Bring Smile
  3. How To Think In English | 3 Tricks To Speak Fluent English Without Translating | in Hindi
  4. Tell Us About Yourself.



My Songs


  1. Meghan Trainor – Title (Official Music Video) 
  2. Gayle – abcdefu (Lyrics)
  3. Luis Fonsi – Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee
  4. Manike Mage Hithe මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ – Official Cover – Yohani & Satheeshan
  5. Manike Mage Hithe ** Tu Kahan Ye Bta || Yohani || Gopal Sharma || Rajendra Acharya || Raag Studios  


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