Short And Smart English Phrases For Daily English Conversations | Speak Fluent English | Michelle

  1. First and Foremost I want to say …
  2. Slim & Trim (To be fit)
    1. She works out to stay slim and trim.
    2. We have to slim down and trim our company’s expenses.
  3. Vim & Vigour (To do something with full energy.)
    1. Even though my grandmother is 80, she’s full of vim and vigour.
    2. If you want to reduce weight, you need to exercise with your vim and vigour.
    3. I love to watch Kabaddi because you need to use your vim and vigour in the sport.
  4. Wait & See
    1. We have to wait and see what happens.
  5. Eat & Run
    1. Sorry to eat and run but Natasha is waiting for me.
  6.  Wine & Dine
    1. The wine and dine at this hotel is the best you will ever find.
    2. He thought that if he’d wine and dine with her, she’d say yes to his proposal.
  7. Year in & Year out
    1. Sakshi wears this t-shirt and jeans year in and year out.
  8. Come hell or high.
    1. I will come at your place for dinner come hell or high.
  9. Neither hide nor hair
    1. I can’t see hide nor hair of the children.
  10. Surely but slowly.
    1. The tortoise won the race surely but slowly.
  11. Straight & narrow
    1. After being caught by the traffic police for jumping the red light, Raj wants to stay on the straight and narrow.
  12. Sweet & low
    1. She has a sweet and low voice.
  13. Then & There
    1. After being insulted at work, Mahesh resigned then and there.
  14. Forgive & Forget
    1. Can you please forgive and forget.
  15. Tooth & Nail
    1. I am going to put in tooth and nail for this promotion.