Flutter: Unleash the Power of Seamless UI Across Platforms

Flutter: Unleash the Power of Seamless UI Across Platforms

October 10, 2023

Flutter Project Folder Structure

Flutter projects typically follow a specific folder structure that is generated when you create a new Flutter project. This structure helps organize your code, assets, and resources effectively. Here’s an overview of the common folder structure in a Flutter project:


This directory contains the Android-specific code and resources for your app.

  • app: Contains the main Android application code.
  • gradle: Contains Gradle build configuration files.
  • gradle.properties: Configuration properties for Gradle.
  • gradlew: Gradle wrapper script (for running Gradle tasks).
  • gradlew.bat: Gradle wrapper script for Windows.
  • settings.gradle: Project settings for Gradle.


This directory is auto-generated by Flutter and contains build-related files and intermediate artifacts. You can safely ignore it from version control.


This directory contains the iOS-specific code and resources for your app.

  • Runner: Contains the Xcode project and configuration files.
  • Podfile: Defines iOS dependencies using CocoaPods.


This is where most of your Dart code will reside.

  • main.dart: The entry point for your app. This is where your app starts executing.
  • You can organize your Dart code into multiple files and directories within the lib directory.


Contains test files for unit, widget, and integration testing.


If you plan to create a web version of your Flutter app, this directory contains the web-specific code and assets.


You can store static assets like images, fonts, and configuration files in this directory.

  • By default, there’s a fonts and images subdirectory for organizing font and image assets.


This is a YAML file where you define your app’s dependencies (packages), metadata, and assets.


A markdown file where you can document your project.


Contains the license for your project (if applicable).


Specifies files and directories that should be ignored by Git version control.


Configuration for static analysis tools.


Automatically generated file that locks the versions of your project’s dependencies.


Used by the Dart analysis server for maintaining metadata about the project.


Specifies package dependencies used in your project.


Configuration settings for your Flutter project.

This is the basic folder structure of a Flutter project. Depending on your project’s complexity and needs, you may create additional directories and files to organize your code and resources effectively.


Flutter Commands:


flutter doctor

flutter doctor --android-licenses

Create a New Flutter Project:

Use the following command in your terminal or IDE terminal to create a new Flutter project:

flutter create budget_buddy

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