Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Table of Contents

Q1. What is the main purpose of High Availability in the Cloud?

Application thriving even in case of a disaster (High Availability means applications running at least in two AZs to survive a data center loss.)

Q2. AWS offered Load Balancer should you use to handle hundreds of thousands of connections with low latency?

Network Load Balancer (A Network Load Balancer can handle millions of requests per second with low-latency. It operates at Layer 4, and is best-suited for load-balancing TCP, UDP, and TLS traffic with ultra high-performance.)

Q3. Changing an EC2 Instance Type from a t3a.medium to a t3a.2xlarge is an example of?

Vertical scaling (Vertical scaling means increasing the size of the instance. Changing from a t3a.medium to a t3a.2xlarge is an example of size increase.)

Q4. What can you use to handle quickly and automatically the changing load on your websites and applications by adding compute resources?

An Auto Scaling Group (An Auto Scaling Group (ASG) can automatically and quickly scale-in and scale-out to match the changing load on your applications and websites.)

Q5. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding Auto Scaling Groups?

Automatically changing the EC2 Instances Types (Auto Scaling Groups can add or remove instances, but from the same type. They cannot change the EC2 Instances Types on the fly.)

Q6. Which Load Balancer is best suited for HTTP/HTTPS load balancing traffic?

Application Load Balancer (Application Load Balancers are used for HTTP and HTTPS load balancing. They are the best-suited for this kind of traffic.)

Q7. Which AWS service offers easy horizontal scaling of compute capacity?

ASG (Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) offers the capacity to scale-out and scale-in by adding or removing instances based on demand.)

Q8. Which of the following statements is NOT a feature of Load Balancers?

Back-end autoscaling (Load Balancers cannot help with back-end autoscaling. You should use Auto Scaling Groups.)

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