Blogging: A good source of your passive income !

Blogging: A good source of your passive income !

October 12, 2021
Blogging: A good source of your passive income !

Blogging is an art and I think everyone should do it. It can make a good source of earning for you by sharing whatever you know. 

My experience as a blogger:

Before I was taking down my notes in My diary which is now replaced by Blogging. In simple words, you can say:

Blogging is your Digital diary. Where you can express your thoughts without carrying Pen 🖋️ or Paper 🗞️.

This is completely my opinion so you may disagree with it.😉

Now the question comes, How to start blogging?  

I saw many articles on this topic, it’s a very popular keyphrase. I started my journey as a blogger 2 years before. I just started a simple website in WordPress and published my post weekly. That time my aim wasn’t to generate revenue from it. I just wrote down  ✍️ article for myself. Slowly this habit became a source of my passive income. I would like to suggest you, don’t start blogging full-time.

Basic Requirements To Start a Blog

You need a domain name and a blogging site like WordPress (CMS), Blogger, etc.

For every work, dedication and passion are required. Do not always expect money from each task you do. Money is a reward that you get from your blog. The dedication to work is much needed before making a  blog successful.

What’s your thought? Share your comments below.

All the best!

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